Notes for David M. Berry Copy, Rip, Burn: The Politics of Copyleft and Open Source

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Worth noting preface begins with Heraclitus.

(x) The world is one and common to those who are awake, but that everybody who is asleep turns away to his own.

Berry begins with Heidegger.

From Heidegger legitimate method of expanding scope to include social practices and create rupture with stupefying assumptions of consumer technology.

(xi) Heidegger called for a more profound interpretation of the epistemology of technology, arguing that technology is a special form of knowledge – a form of truth or disclosure. Here then I would like to explore the extent to which the social practices of the FLOSS groups are introducing a rupture or break with the immediately given and accepted 'nature' of technology.

Berry, David M. Copy, Rip, Burn: The Politics of Copyleft and Open Source. London: Pluto Press, 2008. Print.