Notes for Bracha, et al. “Computerized pin ball machine”

A pin ball machine which incorporates a micro processor instead of relays and hard wiring wherein the processor is programmed such that when the coin switches, the flipper switches and the various scoring switches of the machine are energized the computer accumulates and drives indicators to indicate the score as well as drives the flippers, the sling shots and other units of the playfield to provide an improved machine.


Reiterating US patents as a protocological form on account of its openness, from this or previous claims describe the structure of the Bally pinball platform and begin to derive its affordances and constraints, noting mention of switch matrix, SCRs, solenoids, digital displays, microprocessor, PIA, read-only programmable ROM, and so on, as topics of consideration.

(np) 21. A pinball machine having a playing field with a plurality of ball responsive switches and indicator lights, a digital computer comprising means for supplying switch address signals corresponding to selected ball responsive switches, means for receiving input signals in response to said ball responsive switches and means for supplying output signals corresponding to selected indicator lights in response to said input signals, and a plurality of controlled switches respectively associated with said indicator lights for conducting power to illuminate the lights, said means for supplying output signals having an output port for supplying indicator light data signals and an output port for supplying indicator light address signals, said machine further having a plurality of decoders each having multiple input lines operably connected to the address signal output port, multiple output lines each being operably connected to a controlled switch, and an enable line operably connected to the data signal output port, each of said decoders being responsive to a data signal from the data signal output port to decode the address signals from the address signal output port and provide a signal to a controlled switch in accordance with the address from the address signal output port whereby a selected indicator light may be illuminated, and said machine further having control means including interface means having an output port and an input port and being operatively connected to the ball responsive switches for supplying switch addressing test signals to said selected switches in response to the computer means switch address signals and for supplying switch input signals from said selected switches to said input port.

Bracha, et al. “Computerized pin ball machine.” Patent 4,198,051. 15 April 1980.